All Modern Finishings

Your own custom label! This can be implemented easily for us. Just tell us your label proposal and we realize your ideas. Company ETIVERA offers a modern top-class label production system that enables the production of highest quality roll labels with numerous technical special effects, as well as the experience and practical knowledge to implement your label requirements into reality.

We print up to seven colours on various materials such as paper, plastic, metal foils and transparent materials. Furthermore, we offer a variety of labels from premium wine labels to thermal labels for receipt printing scales. Our labels are perfectly suitable for labeling products in the industries of soft drinks, spirits, beer, wine, non-food and cosmetics.

With our excellent print quality and various finishing options we are able to produce top grade labels with specific customization. Send your request to 


Printing with up to 7 colours

Label orders are produced with up to 7 colors in digital offset printing.

Papers with leach-soluble adhesive

Apart from a huge range of materials for a variety of applications (scale labels, freezer labels, cosmetic labels, food labels, etc.) we use specifically for orchards and vineyards papers with leach-soluble adhesive.

Hot Foil Stamping

In addition to cold foil stamping, we offer also hot foil stamping (higher quality) as finishing ability. Beside the standard variants gold, silver and copper we offer a wide range of special colours as well.

Special Forms

"Labels are rectangular or round" - is this limitation does not exist for us. We produce your customized label in the format you require. There won't occur any additional costs for a special label shape due to our modern...

Metallic Effects

By using the "Color Logic" method combined with white ink we are able to produce on metallized substrates spectacular metallic effects.


In addition to protective coatings in various designs, we also offer a full surface lamination as surface protection for your labels.

Silver Labels

Whether trendy or elegant - on silver metalized basic materials, surfaces, fonts and images can be presented in a glossy silver without additional tool costs.

Golden Labels

Special products require special solutions. Labels made of gold paper are in particular very popular in the field of cosmetic products. 

Multiple Hot Foil Stamping

By combining two or more hot foil stamping sophisticated effects can be realized.

Transparent Labels

An imprint on transparent foil lets the label on your product dissapear. We offer this "no-label look" labels even in combination with a variety of finishes such as hot foil stamping, partial coating effects, etc..


By embossing it is possible to emphasize lines, fonts and ornaments in three dimensions.

Partial Lamination

We offer partial lamination as a special kind of hot foil stamping, which enables the realization of special gloss effects - even on mat uncoated papers.

Stock Labels

In addition to customized labels we offer also a wide selection of stock labels in our product range, which are always available. Our stock label program includes monochrome standard labels as well as variants with coloured framing, subtle background pattern or motif. These attractive labels can be purchased in small quantities and thus enable you, even for small productions, to mark your products in a very representative way without great effort.