Jars & Bottles

ETIVERA glass bottles in different designs and volums




Company ETIVERA Verpackungstechnik GmbH, located in Austria, is a producer, supplier and provider of services in terms of packagings and labels. 
We supply european direct marketers and food producers with packagings and labels in quantities from 1 to 1 million pieces.

Your own custom label:

Just tell us your label proposal and we realize your ideas. Company ETIVERA offers a modern top-class label production system that enables the production of highest quality roll labels with numerous technical special effects, as well as the experience and practical knowledge to implement your label requirements into reality.

Maison Jars 22 to 4.880ml

Whether jams, chutneys, pestos or pickled vegetables - at ETIVERA you will find the perfect jar for every product. For traditionals we offer for example swing top jars or if you prefer a cool design you can choode the stylish FACTUM jar, depending on your taste you can safely preserve your products.

Egg Carrier

1kg Egg CARDBOARD - Practical folding carton with finger hole. For storing and transporting eggs.

You can find this box and many more packaging boxes in our 

Coolbag made of paper

ETIVERA proudly presents: cool bags 100 % made of paper
No matter if you carry cold or warm foods.
Cold foods stay cold and hot foods stay hot: isulating bags! 

The secret: wet strength inside - outside air
The development owes its insulating properties to a clever two-chamber system: Inside there is a wet-strength inner bag, which prevents condensation from seeping through. After closing the inner bag, it forms an insulating air cushion, which keeps the temperature of the bag contents cool - depending on the outside temperature - and thus the contents of the bag up to one hour. keeps warm.



The extraordinary shape of TAURUS bottle makes its content shine. Available in three sizes and with many different closures.


The TAURUS glass bottle combines profile with strength: its four-edged shape attracts everyone's attention, gives liquids an extraordinary sheen and protects all valuable contents. High-quality spirits such as gin, whiskey, brandies and liqueurs are presented in a very elegant style.

Available in our onlineshop TAURUS Flasche im ETIVERA Webshop

Nachhaltiger Klimaschutz

ETIVERA Verpackungstechnik GmbH ist langjähriger Partner der ARA und liefert damit einen wichtigen Beitrag zum aktiven Klimaschutz. Die ARA sorgt dafür, dass die Verpackungen der Produkte von ETIVERA Verpackungstechnik GmbH umweltgerecht gesammelt und recycelt werden. Insgesamt bringt die getrennte Sammlung und Verwertung von Verpackungsabfällen im ARA System österreichweit eine jährliche Einsparung von rund 500.000 Tonnen CO2. Und das entlastet unsere Umwelt nachhaltig.


The beautiful BEGA bottle is characterized by its flat and slightly higher floor

Block bottom bags

Small and finely packaged: The block bottom bags from Etivera in different filling sizes and viewing windows with foil inner bag.

Quality is a central feature
of our packaging.

Noble Locked

This is where beautiful design meets high-quality design: the right closure is also achieved - optically as well as for the palate delights!


for the perfect protection
of high-quality food products!

Beautiful giftbag

For stylish gifts the right bag often plays a key role: gift bags from Etivera.

Labels Finishing

Your own individual label! This can be easily implemented for us. You come to us with a suggestion and we realize your ideas.