Sustainability is not just a value for ETIVERA, but a deeply rooted conviction that permeates all our actions. We at ETIVERA firmly believe that economic success must go hand in hand with ecological responsibility. For this reason, we integrate sustainable practices into every aspect of our business.

From sourcing our raw materials to the end product, we place utmost importance on environmental friendliness and social responsibility. We rely on innovative solutions and technologies that allow us to efficiently utilize resources and minimize environmental impacts.

Our commitment to sustainability also extends to our partnerships and supply chains. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure they meet our high standards regarding environmental protection and fair labor conditions.

At ETIVERA, we understand sustainability not just as an obligation, but as an opportunity to effect positive change. We are proud to contribute to creating a sustainable future and continuously strive towards a world where people and the planet can coexist harmoniously.


  • All internal transportation equipment is powerd already electric.
  • All stackers and automatic shelving systems are equipped with energy recovery. All chargers for the industrial trucks have been converted to energy-saving HF technology.

Clean electricity

  • Power supply through 1,200 kWp photovoltaic system on the roof
  • Electricity supplier is 100% CO2 neutral certified

Sustainable building technology

  • Umrüstung der kompletten Gebäude-Belüftung auf modernes System mit Energierückgewinnung
  • Gebäude lt. modernsten Standards vollständig isoliert
  • Energiesparende Bodenheizung anstatt Deckenstrahler in allen Lagerhallen
  • Gesamte Beleuchtung ist LED ausgeführt
  • Hallenbeleuchtung wird automatisch tageslichtabhängig geregelt, daher nochmalige Reduktion des Stromverbrauches
  • Gas gefüllte Klimaanlage wurde durch Kaltwassersystem und Kühlsegel ersetzt

Waste management

  • All waste is separated and sorted for recycling.
  • Film and cardboard waste is pressed to reduce the number of transports.
  • Printing waste (waste paper) is collected in separate containers, pressed on site and recycled (if the material permits).

Transportation packaging

  • Disposable pallets made of pressboard have been replaced by regionally produced pallets made of recycled cardboard.
  • Filling material for shipping cartons is exclusively recycled paper
  • Pallet wrappers have been replaced with pre-stretch systems - resulting in a significant reduction in film requirements (up to 400% pre-stretch!) - the next step will be tests with alternative films
  • Film thickness of the wrapping machines has been massively reduced - therefore significant reduction in film requirements - next step is tests with alternative films
  • Bundling machines for packaging have been converted from plastic tapes to paper tapes

Label production

  • For paints and varnishes, the plastic containers have been replaced by 200-liter steel drums
  • Printing is 100% CO2 neutral
  • Paper is FSC or PEFC certified where available.
  • The roll size of the purchased paper has been increased (larger intake at the printing machine) - therefore more paper on a pallet - fewer transport routes, fewer losses (start of roll, end of roll).
  • Packaging for printing consumables (ink containers etc.) is reused or recycled.


  • All new computers are energy-saving SFF PCs
  • All internal processes (order picking, goods receipt, invoice filing) are paperless
  • If permitted by the customer, invoices are sent electronically
  • If permitted by the customer and the authorities, certificates are transmitted as PDF files
  • Customs clearance for parcel shipments has been digitized and is completely paperless

Charging Infrastructure

  • There are 8 AC charging points (22 kW) and 2 DC charging points (300kW) available on the site. 
  • You can charge publicly at 2 AC charging stations and the DC charging points with all common charging cards, via QR code or with a credit card.
  • The electricity for the charging stations comes from our own PV system or is purchased from 100% hydroelectric power.